Past Aircraft

Over the years, we've owned and operated a total of 11 airplanes. The aircraft below faithfully served the post's mission before being sold. Many of them are still operating in the area. Occasionally, we'll see one of them at Billard airport. It's like meeting an old friend.


Widely used as a trainer, the Cessna 150 has a reputation for reliability and good flight characteristics. It is forgiving but doesn't coddle the student. Our venerable 150 had flown many Explorers, including some who now serve as post advisors. 4VU was dear to us during the nearly 30 years of service as a primary trainer at Explorer Post 8. 

Sold December, 2019

N24076     1940 TaylorCraft BL-65
N5920H     1949 Piper Clipper PA-16
N95475     Piper Cherokee 140 PA-28
N6753G     1970 Cessna 150 C-150
N4648H     1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond
N23688     1939 TaylorCraft BC-65
Alon A-2
Paul Revere 3     Piper Cherokee 10 PA-28
N78402     1968 Cessna 172 C-172