Ground School
Ground School

Ground school is offered to all Explorers on Saturday mornings during the school year. An intensive ground school program is offered in the summer. We use Jeppesen and Gleim curriculums to prepare youth for the FAA Knowledge Test. 

Flying Experiences

We offer orientation flights to our members and fly to as many fields trips and activities as possible. You can learn more about our planes here

Flight Training
Leadership Training

Explorers are mentored and trained by our Advisors to become leaders in their community and career. Leadership opportunities for youth include officer positions, public speaking opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.

leadership training
Hands-on Experiences
hands on experiences

Explorers are offered hands-on experiences and a real world education covering all facets of the aviation industry. Activities include field trips, guest speakers, maintaining our own aircraft and hangar, safety lectures, washing planes to subsidize costs and so much more.

Ready To Join? Click HERE to get started or Contact Us with your questions. Visit our hangar any Saturday morning during the school year to sit in on ground school, take a tour of our hangar, and find out more. We look forward to meeting you.