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Once explorers have passed their FAA Knowledge test, they can head to the skies to train to earn their Private Pilot's license.


Flight Training

The sky is no longer the limit!

Explorers work toward soloing

Soloing is a significant milestone in flight training when the instructor leaves the plane for the student to go on a short flight including taking-off and landing by themselves. This occurs after all the requirements are met and the flight instructor as well as the student feel ready to solo, even though the student may not know before the event. Pictures along the walls of the classroom celebrate explorers that have soloed; when you visit, ask about the fabric in the frames.

First, explorers are assigned a flight instructor

We are fortunate to have the skill and dedication of three flight instructors with hours of flying experience varying in background including corporate, military, commercial, and private aviation. They ensure that the training and wisdom imparted to your youngster(s) is uniform, accurate, and complete.  All of these accomplished professionals are highly respected both in the Post and in the larger aviation community.

Passing the check-ride

A check-ride is a term to describe both the FAA oral and practical exams which are the final tests to be passed before earning a pilot license. This is done by an examiner, not the flight instructor, and lasts approximately four hours during which the student demonstrates their ability to safely operate the plane as a pilot in command.


Congratulations Private Pilot!

Once a student pilot passes their check-ride they are officially a certified private pilot allowing the explorer to exercise privileges of such. Such a worthwhile achievement is celebrated by both the hardworking new pilot and their gratified instructor as such an amazing accomplishment should be. During a following meeting, a pin with a full set of golden wings will be awarded to the new pilot to commemorate the occasion.

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